Georg Jensen Alfredo Carafe 1l, Glass

Alfredo Carafe 1l, Glass

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Georg Jensen

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Elegant and modern the Alfredo carafe is a striking example of how an everyday object can be made into something special without sacrificing functionality. The gracefully tapered neck is not only beautiful but it also makes the decanter easy to hold when pouring. And the quirky oak stopper makes the carafe a talking point over dinner while also providing practical use. Argentinian-born designer Alfredo Haberli believes that even objects that you use every day should be given a sense of character and style. His sculptural shapes attract attention but never at the expense of functionality. The Alfredo carafe is made from clear glass that contrasts beautifully with the natural carved oak of the stopper. It holds up to 1 litre of water wine or fruit juice.

Georg Jensen Alfredo Carafe 1l, Glass

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