Georg Jensen 2019 Heritage Earclips

2019 Heritage Earclips

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Georg Jensen

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Capturing the natural forms and sophisticated elegance of the Art Nouveau period, the HERITAGE ear clips are true modern classics. Stylised and ornate curls of sterling silver surround a captivating lilac quartz stone, which itself symbolises love and is thought to bring calm to the wearer. The year date is inscribed on the back of every piece making the ear clips a natural choice as a gift to celebrate a particular event or anniversary. Georg Jensen, the founding father of the company, used many Art Nouveau motifs in his early work and it is this aesthetic that inspired the HERITAGE collection. The natural shapes of the collection brings together a vintage feeling and classic Scandinavian design. The ear clips consist of translucent lilac quartz held in a oxidised sterling silver setting.

Georg Jensen 2019 Heritage Earclips

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