Georg Jensen Pyramid Tea Pot 600b

Pyramid Tea Pot 600b

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Georg Jensen

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Shaped like an inverted pyramid this coffee and tea set is very stringent in outline. The elements are based on geometric shapes: The ball the triangle the circle and straight lines. The lines are slightly curved the profiles are accentuated and the leaf underneath the jugs handle accentuates the sweep of its arch. The Pyramid design belongs to the Art Deco style which was an international style of design and architecture. The form language of Art Deco favoured the basic structures of geometry like the cube the triangle and the circle. The inspiration came from various free art movements like Dadas machine aesthetic Cubisms geometrical approach and Surrealisms interest in the subconscious. The spectacular discovery of the virtually intact tomb of King Tutankhamen in Egypt also influenced the Art Deco style with motifs from the Egyptian furniture and pyramids. The handles are of ebony wood a very hard type of wood. Each handle is made especially for the individual pot and creamer. The socket the small piece where the handle is attached - is handmade and thus may vary slightly from pot to pot - it may be only a 1/10 of a millimetre but still each handle must be fitted specifically for the individual pot. The shape of this service is a challenge to the silversmith. Silver is a very lively material when it is heated and especially when the top of the pot is soldered on it is vital that the top part is kept at an even temperature all the time. Otherwise the silver will bend out of shape.

Georg Jensen Pyramid Tea Pot 600b

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