Georg Jensen Blossom Creamer 2d

Blossom Creamer 2d

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Georg Jensen

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This creamer is part of the blossom tea/coffee set with ebony or mammoth handles low and stout with toads feet and a magnolia blossom on top is a classic example of Georg Jensens work with flora and fauna. He removed the elements he found fascinating from their natural context and incorporated them in his designs making them come alive in an imaginative and whimsical way. The flower bud was inspired by Japanese art which uses the magnolia bud as a symbol of the month of May. The toad is also known in Japan and is a symbol of luck. As typical for Georg Jensens pieces the decoration was applied to the top and the bottom of the pieces. The surface of the coffee and tea service is covered with delicate hammer marks a distinct Georg Jensen feature - which softens the reflected light to create the greyish shimmer he associated with moonlight. The chaser makes the pattern on the lid and accentuates the pattern on the feet. The cutlery silversmith forms the Magnolia flowers for the lids and hands it over to the silversmith who will solder it on the lid. The silversmith applies the hammer marks to the body of the pieces and solders on the feet as well as the socket to hold the handle and the spout.

Georg Jensen Blossom Creamer 2d

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