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Georg Jensen Halo Earhoops

Halo Earhoops

Regular price $7,768

Georg Jensen

Item Number 10014068

Inspired by the transcendent beauty of Nordic light and the changing phases of the Moon the Halo collection brings a feeling of effortless and natural elegance. Two circular shapes of gold are dressed with diamonds on front and side to create an expressive ear hoop that when viewed in profile almost resembles a crescent moon. When experienced from the front though the look is geometric and sharp so there is an inherent duality in the design; organic and soft on one hand clean cut and minimal on the other. The unique thing about the Halo collection is the design with its precise flat edges merged with circular forms and gently polished gold that emits a warm reflective glow says designer Sophie Bille Brahe and continues each of the 19 jewellery pieces in the collection have an effortless personal appearance and they are delicately defined by almost-invisible sharp clean lines geometric precision and exquisite craftsmanship. Crafting the earrings with double sided diamond setting requires extra accuracy and craftmanship as setting holes are drilled on both sides of the piece and it takes careful attention to detail to align the diamonds perfectly by hand. Whether you are experiencing the ear hoops from one perspective or the other your eyes are met with twinkling diamonds and the effect is truly breathtaking. The HALO earhoops is made from 18 karat gold and the diamond total is 1.22 carat.

Georg Jensen Halo Earhoops

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