Georg Jensen Infinity Bangle 452A Silver Large

Infinity Bangle 452A Silver

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Georg Jensen

The sterling silver Infinity bangle has its own sense of movement as it twists and turns around the wearer’s wrist. With its central shape taken from the mathematical symbol for infinity, this beautifully crafted bangle can represent infinite love or endless possibilities making it a perfect gift. Designer Regitze Overgaard combines a love for natural organic shapes with a sense of minimalism to create timeless jewelry. Avoiding all unnecessary decoration, she allows the materials and forms to speak for themselves meaning that the pieces accentuate the wearer’s beauty rather than overwhelm it. The single strand of the Infinity bangle is made from sterling silver and comes in three sizes.

Model Number: 20000537000L.

Designed by: Regitze Overgaard.

Georg Jensen Infinity Bangle 452A Silver Large

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