Georg Jensen Infinity Earrings 452B WG

Infinity Earrings 452B WG

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Georg Jensen

The INFINITY earrings were inspired by the symbol for infinity, the number 8. It was the perfect way for Regitze Overgaard, the esteemed Danish goldsmith behind the design, to commemorate the past while looking hopefully towards the future. Regitze Overgaard focused on the shape of the earrings as the design itself, rather than additional adornment. The earrings are an almost visionary take on the ancient symbol, and they are an easy yet sophisticated way to dress up yourself. In essence, the INFINITY collection as a whole is a modern interpretation of a timeless theme.

Model Number: 3537830.

Designed by: Regitze Overgaard.

Georg Jensen Infinity Earrings 452B WG

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