Georg Jensen Moneyphant Money Bank

Moneyphant Money Bank

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Georg Jensen

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The MONEYPHANT is a stylish and adorable way to save your coins. In 1987 Jrgen Mller and his grandchild designed the elephant bottle opener which went on to become a global favourite. Over the years more elephant-themed designs followed including cutlery picture frames a key ring and a set of dinnerware for children. In 2010 Mller teamed up with his great-grandchild to come up with this sleek piggybank. The MONEYPHANT is a wonderful gift and a great way to teach a young person about saving up money. The MONEYPHANT is made from mirror polished stainless steel and the design bears the hallmarks of classic Scandinavian technique; it is strong elegant and highly functional.

Georg Jensen Moneyphant Money Bank

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