Georg Jensen Pill Box 325

Pill Box 325

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Georg Jensen

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After the covered dish became a success around the world Koppel wanted to show that his designs could also take a life in miniature pieces. He began working on a pill box that could be compared to the covered dish the way caviar could be compared to the sturgeon just as simple and controlled as the large serving dish. Other small unique hollowware pieces with different functions followed later on. The Pill Box 325 is one of the most difficult and time consuming pieces to make because it consist of 2 pieces which have to fit together perfectly. A lot of time is spent on the hinge in order to adjust it to the point where it opens just right - not too tight and not too loose. The opening must also be adjusted so that it is not too tight to open but at the same time it must click when closing.

Georg Jensen Pill Box 325