Georg Jensen Cobra Candleholder Set, 3 pcs

Cobra Candleholder Set, 3 pcs

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Georg Jensen

Undoubtedly one of Georg Jensen's most recognizable and iconic candleholders the Cobra's sensual fluid shape has captured the hearts of many. Seemingly defying gravity the lightness of the candleholders has a magical effect - one that is doubled when the flickering candlelight is reflected in the surface. This set of three candlesticks - small medium and large - form a beautiful natural group that seems to sway this way and that. Much like a cobra itself. The Cobras designer German-born Constantin Wortmann believes that his work shouldn't be taken too seriously and should evoke an emotional response. Form follows emotions is his mantra and the success of this collection proves his point. Made from stainless steel with a mirror-polished finish the three candlesticks are durable weighty and stable.

Model Number: 3586624.

Designed by: Constantin Wortmann.

Georg Jensen Cobra Candleholder Set, 3 pcs

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