TORP Doors and Windows

TORP is proud to offer custom-made door and window solutions that helps your vision come to life.

As a professional partner, we come on board at an early stage to assist you all the way to final completion.

Our doors and windows are manufactured in Denmark and Sweden and offer exceptional energy performance combined with sleek elegant designs.

Our manufacturing partners are Kastrup, UD, Lacuna and Hajom and include a variety of different solutions.

The doors and windows are typically made from wood with aluminum cladding to minimize maintenance with excellent energy balance and U-values.

Our top of the line alternative can provide more heat than it loses. As the window performs almost like a radiator this environmentally friendly product can potentially reduce heating bills. They can help maintain a comfortable indoor climate, where children can play close to the windows without drafts or cold spots.

TORP is also the perfect choice for large façade solutions as we offer a great deal of design flexibility with endless posibilites/solutions allowing you, the architect to think and design freely.

The difference between good and innovative building is always in the planning. That’s why TORP offers solutions for joining assemblies without double frames.

Call us at (416) 968-2768 or email us at to start using doors and windows from TORP.

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