Glen Rush

Glen Rush

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Makow Associates Architects Inc.

Mazenga Building Group ltd.

PRO TEC Classic and PRO TEC 7

Jeffrey Douglas Design

Ron Holbrook & Associates

Arnaud Marthouret

Attention to detail and a formal playfulness defines this modern house in an established Toronto Neighbourhood. PRO TEC delivers the windows and according to the architects behind the project, the Award Winning Makow Architects of Toronto, the windows are an important part of defining the expression of the house:

Windows creating context

- The windows play an essential role in defining the exterior form of the house and in shaping the interior experience of house and garden, explains Jim Pfeffer from Makow Architects - and continues:

- The corner glazed window is particularly effective at connecting the interior to the exterior while giving a prismatic quality to the building. In the backyard, the house forms cascade into a carefully arranged garden, creating a seamless intersection of architecture and landscape.

Details and Danish windows from PRO TEC

Glen Rush is inspired by the construction principles of today's modern-day homes' emphasis on detail and style, and its exterior is clad with local Algonquin limestone and brick.

The interior is extraordinary and includes a central glass elevator with surrounding staircase, customized millwork details and the Danish windows PRO TEC throughout.

Unity between the house and landscaping is further enhanced by use of the cladding stone for the landscape walls and Jacuzzi surround, as well as the repetition of the sustainably harvested Brazilian wood seen adjacent to the windows in the wood fencing.

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Glen Rush
Glen Rush
Glen Rush
Glen Rush
Glen Rush

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