Louis Poulsen Doo-Wop Brass


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Louis Poulsen

The fixture primarily provides a downward directed soft light by means of the white lacquered inner conical reflector. The outer reflector, the main shade, contributes to directing the light upwards and downwards, while at the same time spreading the soft diffused light. The inside of the main shade is illuminated through an opening in the inner conical reflector.

Dimensions (mm): H 245, L 283, W 283. Model Number: 5741919921; Light source: A-19/medium.

Designed by: Louis Poulsen A/S in cooperation with the Navy Buildings Department

Louis Poulsen Doo-Wop Brass
Louis Poulsen Doo-Wop Copper
Louis Poulsen Doo-Wop Dark Grey
Louis Poulsen Doo-Wop White

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