Architectmade Bird


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Now a legend, BIRD is the essence of Danish design. Though simple in appearance, its clean lines create endless expressions by merely tilting its head in virtually any direction.

Created as a family, BIRD can express happiness, sadness and curiosity, living alone or together as a family. From small to tall, thin to chubby, child to grandparent, BIRDs represents an entire generation.

The children, parents and the grandparents all have the capability to transform their moods like any human being - just turn their heads, point up their beaks or reverse their body shape and a whole new mood is created. Happiest when in groups of other BIRDS, they are vigilant companions to your everyday life.

Handmade in oak, BIRD is available in natural or smoked oak. There are three sizes: Small (7.5 cm tall), Large (12 cm tall) and Chubby (10.5 cm tall).

Designed by: Kristian Vedel

Architectmade Bird

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