Great Ash

Great Ash

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3 seat Sofa 94.5" x 39.25" / 240cm L- Fabric: Berlin 14 

Great Ash urge to well-being and comfort with its supporting back, elegant sleek armrests, large cushions with down filling, and Eilersen’s famous down top. Great Ash is, with its elegant lines and beautiful symmetric appearance, a sofa that is decorative in any living room. The wide seat cushions are deep and soft. You can combine the fixed cushions with a bunch of loose smaller pillows and obtain a relaxed and luxurious look. The bottom of the sofa and the seating cushions appear as a beautiful extension of each other and at the same time the combination of the two highlights that Great Ash is consistent in its design and has a high comfort level. Every sofa is unique. Jens Juul Eilersen has the ambition to make every model as personal as possible. Great Ash consists of modules in different sizes so that they can be combined to fit any room and meet every demand. At the same time, the high level of flexibility means that every sofa is unique.

The Great Ash sofa is highly customizable with a choice of fabric (51 types) or leather (11 types) material. You can also select a variety of measurements that will make up your sofa. Select whether you want your sofa with or without cushions - just choose the size, shape, and number of cushions you would like. Eilersen also offers footstools to perfectly match your customized sofa.

Designed by: Jens Juul Eilersen

Eilersen Great Ash Sofa
Great Ash
Great Ash

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