FDB Mobler B98 Plinth 24a

B98 Plinth

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FDB Mobler

It has never been easier to hang a piece of Danish design history on your walls. B5 is a simple and functional shelf which also represents the qualities that helped make Borge Mogensen one of the most important furniture designers in the golden age of Danish furniture design. Made from sturdy materials, it first and foremost offers a simple yet stylish design. It acts as a straightforward element on the wall in rooms where you need a little shelf space to put smaller items. Used as a modular system, it can, however, also easily be extended to accommodate a growing collection of books, LP records or the like.

Finish: Oak (2-3% white pigment). Model Number: 5700380836149.

Designed by: Mogens Koch(1898-1992). Year of design: 1944

Please allow 12 weeks for delivery of custom furniture from FDB Mobler.

FDB Mobler B98 Plinth 24a
FDB Mobler B98 Plinth 17a
FDB Mobler B98 Plinth 17b
FDB Mobler B98 Plinth 24b
FDB Mobler B98 Plinth 28a
FDB Mobler B98 Plinth 28b

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