FDB Mobler J46 Chair Black

J46 Chair

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FDB Mobler

The J46 spoke-back chair from 1956 is one of FDB Mobler's best-selling products. It is estimated that more than 800,000 pieces of Poul Volther's enduring classic have either stood or are standing in Danish homes. The chair is available in painted or a lacquered natural finish, and in solid beech or solid oak. The chair is distinguished by its elegant design and high level of sitting comfort, whether used as a kitchen or dining chair. Adapted to today's body sizes, the chair can also be supplied with a leather or textile cushion as an accessory.

Dimensions: H: 79.6 x W: 44.8 x D: 48.5 Seat height: 44.7, Seat depth: 38. Model Number: 5700380702697.

Designed by: Poul M. Volther(1923-2001). Year of design: 1956

FDB Mobler J46 Chair Black
FDB Mobler J46 Chair White
FDB Mobler J46 Chair Beech, Natural lacquer with white pigment
FDB Mobler J46 Chair Dusty Green
FDB Mobler J46 Chair Bottle Green
FDB Mobler J46 Chair Dark Blue
FDB Mobler J46 Chair Dark Grey
FDB Mobler J46 Chair Oak

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