FDB Mobler M7 Sammen Footstool

M7 Sammen Footstool

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FDB Mobler

It is the small things that show the greatness of accomplished design. And the footstool is usually not something that has received so much attention when it comes to garden furniture. But the footstool in the Sammen series is more than just a support for the feet when sitting in the garden chair. The design and craftsmanship fully live up to the rest of the series and traditions in FDB Mobler. And as an extra detail, it turns into a small table when you place the Sammen tray on top. A small side table with its own expression.

Dimensions: H: 39 x W: 45.7 x D: 51.5 Seat height: 29. Finish: Teak wood (Solid teak). Model Number: 5700382094868.

Designed by: Thomas E. Alken(1970). Year of design: 2014.

FDB Mobler M7 Sammen Footstool

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