Georg Jensen Fusion ring, 2 end rings white gold

Fusion ring

Size 51 - white gold

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Georg Jensen

Size 51.

Two organically shaped 18 karat white gold rings fit together perfectly, perhaps telling a story of true love or mutual interdependence. But the intricate shapes offer the possibility of the story un-furling more by adding an extra element in the form of a middle ring that seamlessly interlocks between the two. The endless combinations allow you to create your own symbolism and narrative. The Fusion collection is truly innovative jewellery as the wearer is involved in the creative process by combining different elements as they desire. Created by Danish designer Nina Koppel, Fusion is elegant and stylish but with a deeply emotional aspect at its heart. The two piece Fusion ring is masterfully crafted from 18 karat white gold. The Fusion rings consist of both end and centre rings that can be combined in infinite ways. This ring combination is created by two end rings - the precision of the design enables the perfect union of the two pieces to create your unique ring.

Model Number: 2-3546004.

Designed by: Nina Koppel.

Georg Jensen Fusion ring, 2 end rings white gold

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