Georg Jensen Damask Linen Dishcloths Dark Grey

Linen Dishcloth, Dark Grey, set of 2

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Georg Jensen Damask

Sold as a set of 2.

This is a waffle woven dishcloth made of the finest 100% linen. The dishcloth offers everyday luxury in a combination of aesthetics and functionality. Linen is an antiseptic material, which is particularly resistant to dirt and stains. It also absorbs and releases moisture faster than any other textile. That’s why the LINEN dishcloth dries quickly and is easy to wring out and work with. LINEN was designed by the design duo Salto who, based on a joint mission to make linen popular again, worked in close collaboration with Georg Jensen Damask’s own design team to connect the past with the future. Previously, all of our products were woven in linen, and our vast experience in weaving, combined with Rikke and Kasper Salto’s simple and modern approach to design and color schemes, has led to the creation of several classic linen products. This linen dishcloth in Dark Grey is a stylish and sophisticated addition to the kitchen that complements many styles, as well as accommodating a modern focus on the environment and the use of natural materials. The LINEN dishcloth is an elegant kitchen aid that only gets softer with use and grows old gracefully. The expression is completed by matching tea towels in the same exquisite quality of linen.

The size of the dishcloth is 32 x 32 cm.

Designed by: Rikke and Kasper Salto

Georg Jensen Damask Linen Dishcloths Dark Grey

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