Georg Jensen Koppel Vase, Large

Koppel Vase, Large

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Georg Jensen

With a bold graphic quality and sense of proportion that makes it look like it is almost floating, this large stainless steel vase exemplifies the beauty of the minimalist Scandinavian design. The highly polished surface catches the light and reflects back the bouquet of flowers placed within, adding an extra layer of colour and pattern, but the pure simplicity of the piece means that has sculptural appeal even when stood empty in the centre of a table or on a shelf. Henning Koppel was one of the leading lights of the Danish mid-century design movement and his prolific work for Georg Jensen yields some of the best examples of this genre. His pieces include everything from tableware and cutlery to watches and jewelry, all linked by their clean lines, functionalist attitude, and absolute beauty. The vase is expertly crafted from stainless steel with a mirror-polished finish.

Model Number: 10009656.

Designed by: Henning Koppel.

Georg Jensen Koppel Vase, Large

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