Georg Jensen Mercy Large Ring 634B Silver 56

Mercy Large Ring 634B Silver

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Georg Jensen

With a bold and sensual appearance, the Mercy ring sits beautifully on your finger while serving as an emotional reminder to always be compassionate. The fluid shape symbolizes the way life transforms and evolves, whereas the smooth curves represent the flow of time and how its unexpected twists might affect us. The gap in the middle reminds us to be present at the moment and embrace the unknown that lies in the future. American designer Jacqueline Rabun is the woman behind the collection. As a designer, Rabun is known for her sculptural, organic designs and her ability to create jewelry pieces that complement the female form. The inspiration behind the Mercy collection is the human experiences; the wonderful and challenging moments we all face along the way. The Mercy ring is made from sterling silver. It stands beautifully on its own as a strong statement piece. Combine with other rings for an even greater impact.

Model Number: 200000830053.

Designed by: Jacqueline Rabun.

Georg Jensen Mercy Large Ring 634B Silver 56

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