Georg Jensen Mercy Neckring 634D Silver Medium

Mercy Neckring 634D Silver Medium

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Georg Jensen

The bold sculptural quality of this unique silver neck ring adds a striking sense of drama to any outfit. Created to follow the natural curve of a woman’s neck, the tapering organic form is unusual in that it sits asymmetrically with the opening to the side. A true statement piece, it makes an unforgettable gift for any woman with a strong sense of personal style. Always believing that her jewelry should have an emotional depth, designer Jacqueline Rabun’s used the passage of time throughout one’s life as the inspiration for her Mercy collection. The result is sensuous, organic and thought-provoking. The neck ring is beautifully crafted from sterling silver.

Model Number: 20000069000M.

Designed by: Jacqueline Rabun.

Georg Jensen Mercy Neckring 634D Silver Medium

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