Nikari Frame Table

Frame Table

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The first version of the Frame table was designed by architect John Pawson for his own family farmhouse in the Cotswolds. The Frame table collection is a great example of warm minimalism, which Pawson masters brilliantly. "Whether at the scale of a monastery, a house, a saucepan, or a ballet, everything is traceable back to a consistent set of preoccupations with mass, volume, surface, proportion, junction, geometry, repetition, light, and ritual. In this way, even something as modest as a fork can become a vehicle for much broader ideas about how we live and what we value.” — John Pawson

Dimensions: Length 1400, Width 800, Height 730mm Length 2000, Width 900, Height 730mm Length 2600, Width 900, Height 730mm Length 3600, Width 900, Height 730mm

Designed by: John Pawson

Nikari Frame Table

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