PP Mobler pp112 Hybrid Chair Soap Treated Oak

pp112 Hybrid Chair

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PP Mobler

pp112 is a hybrid design comprising features from Wegner's series of Chinese chairs and his many attempts at creating a modern version of the British Windsor Chair. Consequently this easy chair is light and elegant, and it is a brilliant example of Wegner's insistence on traditional simplicity in both construction and design.

The fact that Wegner with this hybrid chair obviously returned to the theme of the Chinese Chair, just like he did with pp201/pp203, is also a testament to the close friendship with co-founder of PP Mobler, Ejnar Pedersen, because the pp66 Chinese Chair was the first of Wegner's early chair designs to be reintroduced by PP Mobler, and it has always been Ejnar Pedersen's favourite Wegner design.
pp112 comes with a papercord seat in nature or black.

PP Mobler pp112 Hybrid Chair Soap Treated Oak

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