PP Mobler pp120 Stool Soap Treated Oak

pp120 Wooden Stool

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PP Mobler

Wegner designed this stool as an accessory to the pp19 Teddy Bear Chair. But despite this specific match, it naturally accompanies most other easy chairs in PP Mobler's product line. Wegner clearly demonstrated this himself at several occasions presenting the stool along with many other easy chairs. In this way, the stool exemplifies a similar kind of universal design as the pp35 Tray Table.

The stool is a strong construction with legs that penetrate and interlock with the solid beech wood frame using traditional joinery, and the upholstery is made of horsehair and cotton. It may seem as a trivial product, but it is a genuine piece of exquisite craft.

pp120 has a wooden frame and comes with an upholstered seat in either fabric or leather.
The handles can be specified with a wood type that differs from
the legs.

pp120 is the perfect foot stool for both pp19, pp129, pp126, pp124, pp130, pp521 and pp530; it is also perfect as an individual stool for alternate seating in a hall or bathroom.

Designed by Hans J. Wegner

PP Mobler pp120 Stool Soap Treated Oak

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