PP Mobler pp201 Wooden Chair Soap Treated Oak

pp201 Wooden Chair

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PP Mobler

The pp201 and pp203 combine the aesthetics of the pp701 Minimal Chair with the construction of the pp66 Chinese Chair thus creating a new expression, where the strict geometrically defined frame construction supports only the most prudent use of those organic shapes so characteristic of Wegner's work through the 1950's.

The pp201 and pp203 chairs also mark one of the most important milestones in the lifelong close partnership between Hans J. Wegner and PP Mobler. Until 1969, PP Mobler had been more of a free space for Wegner rather than a business partner. Although PP Møbler had produced thousands of frames for the pp19 Teddy Bear Chair, Wegner's relation to PP Mobler was primarily based on his friendship with the PP family and the craftsmen, and indeed the PP workshop provided the surroundings where he conceived the ideas for many of his prototypes and experiments through the 1960's and to the end of his career.

In 1969, in addition to designing the pp201 and pp203, Wegner also designed the PP logo and encouraged PP Mobler to initiate their own line of products as well as their own sales department. During the next 25 years, Wegner designed all PP Mobler's sales and marketing materials and he placed his best and most cherished new and previous designs at PP Mobler.

pp201's combined arm- and backrest is made of one piece of solid steam bent wood and one piece of carved solid wood with joint details of wenge. It has a plaited seat available in either natural colour or black.

pp203 comes with an upholstered seat.

Designed by Hans J. Wegner

PP Mobler pp201 Wooden Chair Soap Treated Oak

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