PP Mobler pp52 Classic Wooden Chair Soap Treated Oak

pp52 Classic Wooden Chair

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PP Mobler

This is the most static and classic of all Wegner's chairs. It comes in two version: pp52 and pp62. Its frame is strictly geometrical and the armrests embrace the person seated while the gracious backrest provides state-of-the-art comfort.

In 1978, more than 800 special versions of the pp52 chair were delivered to the DFDS ferry 'ËœDana Anglia' which was to sail between Denmark and England. This was PP Mobler's biggest total order to date.

Then in 1982, a customer who wanted to buy a new seat for a pp52 contacted PP Mobler. He needed it for a chair he had found on the beach on the west coast of Denmark. He brought the chair to PP Mobler, and it turned out to be one of the special versions exclusively made for the ferry. The chair had obviously been lost but apparently completed its own journey across the North Sea. So the customer got a new seat, as the chair itself was completely intact.

Later the manager of the ferry company called PP Mobler asking to buy two new chairs for the ferry in replacement of two chairs that had been damaged. Master of Craftsmen Ejnar Pedersen wanted to deliver the two chairs free of charge arguing that the chairs should not break. 'No', said the ferry manager, 'we really want to buy the chairs. You see, the ferry has been through the most terrible storm while anchored. The entire inventory was completely destroyed, piled up in the back-end of the ferry. It has all been replaced - except your chairs Mr Pedersen. All but 2 chairs were intact'.

More than 30 years after the ferry's virgin journey, it has been renamed and upgraded several times and it has sailed on a number of different routes between Denmark, the UK, the Netherlands, Poland, Norway and Sweden. Through all the years, the chairs have remained on board!

pp52's combined arm- and backrest is made of one piece of solid steam bended wood and two pieces of carved solid wood with joint details of wenge.

pp52 comes with an upholstered seat in either fabric or leather.
pp62 has a plaited seat available in either natural colour or black.

Designed by Hans J. Wegner


PP Mobler pp52 Classic Wooden Chair Soap Treated Oak

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