PP Mobler pp550 The Peacock Chair Soap Treated Oak

pp550 The Peacock Chair

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PP Mobler

When Finn Juhl first saw this chair, he immediately noticed its characteristic back and named it the Peacock Chair - a name that stuck with the chair.

Despite the chair's almost postmodern design, it was actually designed back in 1947. However, its deliberately modern lines are not merely a question of looks. Rather, the sweeping back with its extravagantly shaped sticks is the mark of ergonomic aesthetics. The stick's flat part, which gives the chair its peacock-like appearance, is located exactly where the shoulder blades rest against the chair's back.

The Peacock Chair is historically anchored in the classic British Windsor Chair. As were the case with many of his early works, Wegner updated his sources of inspiration to a modern version while adding sophisticated details that required the greatest accuracy from highly skilled craftsmen. pp550 comes with a papercord seat in nature.

PP Mobler pp550 The Peacock Chair Soap Treated Oak

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