PP Mobler pp701 The Minimal Chair Soap Treated Oak Maple

pp701 Minimal Chair

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PP Mobler

In 1965 Wegner completed his house in Gentofte, north of Copenhagen, where he lived with his family for 40 years. Wegner himself had designed every little detail of the house, down to the placement of each stone in the walls, all cabinets, windows and doors as well as a couple of lamps.

As a minimalistic version of the pp518 Bull Chair, pp701 was designed specifically to fit into the dinning room, and as the family moved into their new home, so did the first production of the Minimal Chair and these chairs have never been replaced.

The frame is reduced using stainless steel, and as in the Swivel Chair Wegner reserved the use of solid wood for the part that is closest to the human body: the arm- and backrest. This part is reduced to the extent where the central joints used in the Bull Chair are no longer adequate. Wegner then introduced an upper and lower piece to connect the two armrests, and thus the Bull Chair centre joints transformed into the characteristic centre cross.

pp701 is an elegant diningroom chair and it would compliment almost every modern diningroom table.
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PP Mobler pp701 The Minimal Chair Soap Treated Oak Maple

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