Georg Jensen Sky Corkscrew

Sky Corkscrew

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Georg Jensen

The beautiful sound of a cork being pulled from a bottle of wine is often the prelude to a wonderful evening of great food and company. Make the action even more special with this eye-catching and contemporary stainless steel corkscrew that perfectly balances form and function. Made to sit comfortably in the hand, it makes a thoughtful gift for any wine lover or dinner party host. Designer Aurelien Barbry maintains that his work is an exercise of reinterpreting simple, everyday objects into things of real beauty but never at the expense of practicality. His Sky collection for Georg Jensen is a perfect example of his abilities and graces some of the most stylish homes around the world. The corkscrew is masterfully crafted from mirror-polished stainless steel.

Model Number: 3586372.

Designed by: Aurelien Barbry.

Georg Jensen Sky Corkscrew

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