Georg Jensen Sky Dinnerware Set, 3 Pcs.

Sky Dinnerware Set, 3 Pcs.

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Georg Jensen

Minimalist, stylish and very Scandinavian, this white porcelain dinnerware set, comprising of a dinner and lunch plate and a bowl, is the perfect contemporary way of serving food. Echoing the distinctive asymmetric form that runs through the Sky collection - in the actual shape of the bowl and in the unexpected base of the plates - the set forms the starting point of a beautiful tableware service that enhances any dinner party or casual meal. Aurelian Barbry's ergonomic Sky set of bar and tableware exemplifies the combination of form and function that is central to great Scandinavian design. Never allowing beauty to compromise practicality - and vice versa - the collection has become a true contemporary classic. The dinnerware set of a dinner plate, lunch plate, and bowl are made from pure white porcelain.

Model Number: 10019219.

Designed by: Aurelien Barbry.

Georg Jensen Sky Dinnerware Set, 3 Pcs.

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