Muskoka Boathouse

Muskoka Boathouse

Inspired by the simple and prevalent image of wood docks found along the edges of the Muskoka lakes, the boathouse was conceived as a series of planar elements that slide past one another. The slippage of planes echoing the movement of water as it shifts course.

Comprised of 2 bedrooms, a shared bathroom and lounge area with kitchenette on the upper level, the lower level provides functional storage space including three boat slips, and custom cabinetry for recreational equipment with an expansive dock. This 2,300 square foot lakefront structure serves as a guest suite beside an adjacent cottage, with panoramic views of the open water, islands and distant shoreline beyond.

Muskoka, Ontario, Canada

Atelier Kastelic Buffey Inc.

Mazenga Building Group


2018 Canadian Woods Council Award, Wood Design & Building Awards

Shai Gil

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Muskoka Boathouse
Muskoka Boathouse
Muskoka Boathouse
Muskoka Boathouse

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